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  • Balsamic Aceto di Modena

    Artisanally made following traditional family methods. The length of time it is preserved in fine wooden barrels give this vinegar an exclusive bouquet.

  • Balsamic vinegar

    Artisanally made following traditional family methods.

    4,50 3,50
  • Gran Reserva vinegar

    Excellence in the production and aging processes, a result of the dedicated work of four generations of winemakers.

  • Macetilla vinegar

    A full-bodied bittersweet vinegar with a pleasant flavour and an aroma which is reminiscent of the old sherry wineries of Jerez.

    6,60 5,50
  • Organic vinegar

    EL MAJUELO organic vinegar is made from grapes certified as organic by the Andalusian Organic Agricultural Committee, CCAE.

    7,80 6,50
  • Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegar

    PX Sherry vinegar, is made from the Pedro Ximenez sweet grape variety and is aged following the traditional “Soleras and criaderas” system.

    6,15 5,50
  • Reserve sherry vinegar

    Aged for years in oak barrels, giving it an unmistakeable aroma and an authentic taste.

    4,50 4,00
  • Sherry Vinegar

    To obtain the unmistakable bouquet and taste of Sherry Vinegar El Majuelo, requires a meticulous selection of Sherry Wines and an aging process in American oak barrels, using the traditional “Criaderas and Soleras” system.


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