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  • Domecq Talayon Brut sparkling wine

    A yellowy wine with green reflections, a light rosary of elegant, sharp bubbles and persistent on the nose. It is elegant, fresh and fruity, bursting with aromas of white fleshy fruit, citric fruit and white flowers.

    8,25 7,50
  • Entrechuelos Alhocen Syrah Merlot red wine 0.75L

    Aged in selected French oak casks for 12 months.

  • Entrechuelos Chardonnay white wine 0.75L

    A Chardonnay white wine with an excellent straw-yellow colour and sharp varietal aromas. Smooth, sweet and rounded on the palate with well-balanced acidity.

    4,85 4,25
  • Entrechuelos Premium red wine 0.75 L

    Aged in selected French oak casks for 14 months and for another 32 months in the bottle before reaching the market, in order to polish the tannins of this very special wine.

  • Entrechuelos Roble red wine 0.75 L

    Aged in selected French oak casks for 6 months and later aged in the bottle for a minimum of 10 months more before reaching the market.

    4,75 4,25
  • Entrechuelos rosé wine 0.75L

    Pale pink colour. Clear hints of red fruits and cherry lollipop. Smooth and sweet on the tongue, with well compensated acidity, rounded and long.

  • Entrechuelos Tercer Año red wine 0.75 L

    Aged in selected French oak casks for 12 months. After bottling, stored in sleepers for a minimum of 16 months more before reaching the market.

  • Exceptional Harvest

    Its late harvest allows exceptional flavours and aromas to be obtained, along with a naturally sweet aftertaste.

  • Fino Lorente & Barba

    This spectacular wine, has been aged and sprayed to maximize its biological aging, the dry and balanced palate, a unique fine.

    16,20 13,00
  • Miguel Domecq Alhocen wine, personal selection 0.75L

    Aged in selected French oak casks for 12 months.

  • Sin stock

    Old Harvest

    Grapes harvested by hand and dried in the sun for 3 additional days after the normal harvest and added to our 1964 solera.

  • Oloroso Lorente & Barba

    This magnificent oloroso warm mahogany color has a powerful aroma reminiscent of oak and notes reminiscent of nuts.

    28,50 26,00
  • Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo

    A limited, numbered production, carefully selected by our Tasting and Selection Committee from our 1918 Solera.  Maximum 9000 bottles.

  • Pedro Ximenez Vintage

    For this 100% Pedro Ximenez natural sweet wine, only 200 litres of raisin must is obtained for every tonne of fresh grapes.

  • Slow fermentation

    This dry white wine is the result of many years of family knowledge.


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