Oloroso Lorente & Barba

Fino Lorente & Barba

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This spectacular wine, has been aged and sprayed to maximize its biological aging, the dry and balanced palate, a unique fine.

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Fino wine of Lorente & Barba is characterized by having been aged and sprayed to maximize its biological aging, which is only possible due to the exceptional conditions of its cellar. This old age gives it a more golden and less pale color than that of other younger wines.

Although its alcohol concentration is normal for these wines (15% vol), it will appreciate that the alcoholic notes in the tasting are very light, exceptionally highlighting the characteristic aromas of biological aging; It will be easy to recognize smells similar to those of fresh bread dough, field herbs or notes of nuts such as almonds.

The palate stands out for being very dry, slightly saline and balanced, with a very low acidity, which makes it very versatile and especially appropriate to accompany fish, seafood and snacks with marked acid flavor (such as salads, pickles, etc.) or salty (like serrano ham, marinated, sushi, etc).

We recommend serving fresh, but not too cold, to better perceive these special characteristics (6-9ºC).


Lorente Barba

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