Exceptional Harvest
Vino fino Lorente & Barba
Fino Lorente & Barba

Oloroso Lorente & Barba

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This magnificent oloroso warm mahogany color has a powerful aroma reminiscent of oak and notes reminiscent of nuts.

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True to its name, it is characterized by a very powerful aroma, in which it will clearly perceive reminiscences of oak and notes reminiscent of nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, highlighting its great complexity in the nose.

On the palate it is an especially tasty and full-bodied wine. Despite its high alcohol content (18% vol) is soft on the palate with a very long aftertaste.

For many, this type of wine invites you to taste them in the form of meditation, slowly enjoying the pleasure of unmasking each of the smells that seem to intertwine. However, it is also an ideal companion for dishes with a very powerful flavor, such as cured cheeses, red meats, game or highly seasoned stews (from vegetables or meat).


Lorente Barba

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